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Do you have to coordinate emergency license discussions when you'd rather be shrinking your todo list?

You feel dragged down. Tracking a million and one license renewal dates is a heavy stone to carry. Maybe the burden will be relieved if you just wait for the vendor notifications. Surely their notice windows are sufficient to satisfy your stakeholders, aren’t they?

You know tracking the renewal dates yourself will give the stakeholders more preparation and negotiation time… you just don’t have so much capacity.

But what if you did have? What if you were always on top of license expiration dates and gave the decision makers generous notice windows with multiple reminders? You could enter negotiations without the time pressure – and make better deals.

It’s true, license renewal dates can sneak up on you… but that’s avoidable.

Track your contract and license expiration dates with License Prompt. The license tracker when you want visibility and simplicity.

A central location to manage license tracking and reminders. Get an overview of all you contracts and configure notifications without fiddling in spreadsheets or sifting through legions of manual calendar entries.

Team members also get visibility. Everyone that needs the information can get access. No ignored shared calendars obscuring everyone’s daily tasks.

Set notice periods that suits each contract. Every situation and person is different but you can make sure there is always enough preparation time before entering negotiations.

Set multiple reminders. There is always pressure on decision makers and a single notification email can easily get lost amongst today’s important stuff.

Send targeted notifications. Each contract has different stakeholders. Sending blanket notifications will only get them ignored, putting the pressure back on you and ending in bad deals.

Centrally tracked license expirations and automated reminders will keep the stakeholders informed while you get time to do some work.

It only takes a few minutes to set up your first tracked items in License Prompt. Signups are still closed but you can register now and receive 10% lifetime discount at launch.

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Register now and receive 10% lifetime discount.

License Prompt sends renewal reminders about SLAs, contracts and software subscriptions. Use it to track your long term commitments.