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Are your days filled distributing subscription renewal information instead of doing useful work?

Anxiety grips you just thinking about replacing the cumbersome software license tracking system. Cancelled accounts and failing business processes - the possibility of disaster is real. It seems safer to plod along with shared spreadsheets and team calendars. Sending renewal reminders manually isn’t as bad as angry executives and idle staff with no access to their tools, is it?

You can save so much time …

… if only the purchasing department could stay informed about upcoming payments by themselves… you just don’t know how to make that happen.

But what if you could make it happen? What if you knew exactly how to keep the finance team up-to-date without adding to your workload? You would get so much more done - from the moment your system is running.

It’s true, replacing a working system can cause hiccups… but it doesn’t have to.

Automate recurring expense reminders

Get everyone aligned with License Prompt. A single place to track all recurring software and IT expenses and send relevant reminders to all interested people. Stop being frustrated with colleagues who don’t follow the overwhelming calendars of company wide renewal dates, and the chaos of accidental mistakes in shared spreadsheets. Ensure on time renewals with no surprises.

Screenshot of payments due information tabs.

You will get a tool that gives the team visibility into the items that matter to them with relevant and timely reminders - no more babysitting required.

  • Track all your subscriptions in one place.
  • Specify different payment methods (Not everyone pays by card, or with a single card).
  • Familiar spreadsheet interface for fast data entry and navigation. No item popups to slow you down.
  • All stakeholders get notification emails and don’t require License Prompt accounts.

Just add your recurring payments and let License Prompt deal with the rest. Reclaiming your time starts now. Subscriptions are free until launch.

Subscriptions are free until launch. No credit card required.

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